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The Tarrant County Republican Party is comprised of hundreds of thousands of Republican voters and exists to promote a conservative philosophy of government. The Party's leadership includes the County Chair and an Executive Committee elected every two years by Republican voters in the Republican Primary. Today, Tarrant County is the largest Republican County in America and as goes Tarrant County, goes Texas, and our nation.

We are looking for a passionate Republican who will help the Tarrant County GOP push the Republican message in a full-time role at the Tarrant County GOP headquarters! Responsibilities As an Executive Director, we are seeking a self-motivated, responsible Republican who can manage deadlines, take direction from the County Chair and complete assigned/necessary tasks on time. These tasks will vary from answering phones to helping coordinate Republican Primary Elections to handling Communications, Press/Media inquiries, Operations, Election Administration, meeting notice requirements and other duties. Requirements If you meet these qualifications, we encourage you to apply:

· Strongly committed to Republican principles and strongly desire to advance them in Tarrant County and Texas

· Proficient in typing and using Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Google docs & spreadsheets

· Skilled at communication

· Disciplined, responsible, self-motivated

· Creative at problem-solving

· Comfortable with technology

· Some political-related experience (grassroots, previous internships, campaign/legislative work, etc.)

If you meet these requirements and/or feel that other experience can translate please send your resume to tohare@tarrantgop.org.

Salary is between 35-40K annually, with an outstanding vacation package. Please include a cover letter with your resume.

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