Alert: Southlake Special Election

Fellow Republicans: On September 9th, the City of Southlake will hold a special election for City Council, Place 6. Early voting starts today and runs through September 5th. We are providing you with information on the three candidates in the race. Democrats are putting up candidates in municipalities all across Tarrant County, including Southlake. Please use this information, along with your own research, to help you determine how to vote in this election. It is important that we have conservative leaders in all levels of government. If you do not live in Southlake, please forward this information to anyone you know who lives in Southlake. You are also encouraged to share this email on social media. This election has three candidates. Their names and voting histories are listed below. Christopher Archer - Voted in the last 3 Republican Primaries and last 3 Republican Primary Runoffs, No Democrat Primaries. Has Donated money to Gov. Greg Abbott, Sen. Kelly Hancock and Rep. Giovanni Capriglione. Stephen (Steve) Luhrs - Voted in the 2016 General election. No other voting history found. Shauna Newman - Liberal Democrat, who is a member of Indivisible TX 98, a subgroup of the George Soros funded group Battleground Texas. Battleground Texas is trying to turn Texas Blue. Voted in Democrat primary in 2008 and 2016. HILLARY CLINTON DONOR.

Click Here for more information about the Southlake Special Election

Let's Keep Tarrant County Red!

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