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I've had the privilege of serving the public as a City Councilman, a Mayor, and in my current role as Chairman of the Tarrant County Republican Party. All three positions have been rewarding, as well as challenging. As Tarrant County GOP Chairman, it has been and continues to be an honor to serve in a leadership role in the political party I was born into and have always been affiliated with and supported. The GOP is far from perfect, but it is a Party that honors God, stands up for the unborn, believes in the family, supports our military, exercises fiscal restraint, and most closely aligns with my views.

Here are some of the things we have accomplished since my Chairmanship began, none of which would have been possible without work done by our team, volunteers and my predecessors:

• highest number of Republican Election Judges working a November election (2016) in the history of Tarrant County

• appointed highest number of Republican Election Judges to serve for the 2017-2018 term, including the March 2018 primary, in the history of Tarrant County

• most Lincoln Council members in the history of the Tarrant County GOP

• most money ever raised from a Lincoln Day Dinner

• most Facebook followers ever, an increase of approximately 500%

• significantly increased communication with the public through emails, social media & outreach

• appointed a strong team of Ballot Board/Signature Verification Committee members to combat voter fraud and ensure integrity at the ballot box for 2017-18

• created and awarded the inaugural Tarrant County GOP Scholarship Fund to graduating high school seniors

• held the 1st annual Tarrant County GOP Back-to-School Bash & BBQ

• remained the only Red Urban County in the great State of Texas, just to name a few.

From a personal standpoint, I've advised numerous conservative officeholders and candidate across the county, at every level of government, on campaign matters, legislative matters and political strategy. I've publicly supported pro-life issues, both from my Chair position and financially, religious liberty issues, property tax reform, securing our border and enforcing our immigration laws, efforts to combat voter fraud and numerous other conservative issues.

As Christen and I discussed my running for re-election, first and foremost on our minds was our children. Since getting elected, we have had a fourth child, two have entered public school, and 3 of the 4 will be engaged in organized sports and other activities, in addition to school, before the end of the next County Chair term. Additionally, my law firm has consistently grown over the last few years, adding new positions and serving more clients. Further, prior to serving as GOP Chairman, our real estate investment business was doing really well. Since getting elected, our real estate business has slowed to a crawl - there is simply not enough time to be a good husband and father, run a law firm, run a real estate venture, serve at our church as a Sunday School teacher, on the Personnel Committee and as a Deacon, and serve as Chairman of the Tarrant County GOP.

Being Chair of the Tarrant County GOP, even though unpaid, is a full-time job. Personally, I believe the Chair position should be a paid position, but I was never going to champion that as Chairman. In light of the most important job I'll ever have, that of being a husband and father and providing for my family, it is my intention to serve out the remainder of my term and do it to the very best of my ability, but not seek re-election this spring. We reached this decision several months back, and believe we need to let people know so the person(s) who run for this office can begin to prepare and campaign. For those who always assume another motive other than what has been stated, I don't have another political job waiting, I am not preparing to run for another office, no one is running me off - I simply want to focus on my family, my church and my business, and consistently be there for my wife and kids, which for the last 14 months, has been difficult.

Regardless of who takes my place, I will work with them to ensure a smooth and seamless transition. Working with our Executive Director, William "Trey" Yeager, an Army and Marine Veteran, has been a joy. Working with Ann-Marie Birdwell, Mona Bailey and our Committee Chairs, Precinct Chairs and committee members has also been rewarding. We have some great people involved in Tarrant County. Finally, Rich DeOtte has been an amazing supporter, advisor, and friend. I'm so thankful to have made a lifelong friend in Rich.

I will always be involved in politics in some form or fashion, whether it be by helping candidates, hosting events/fundraisers at our home, serving on a board or commission, or being involved in some other capacity. As for now, there's plenty to do in the remainder of my term. My commitment will not wane, my work ethic will not change, and I will continue to do everything in my power to Keep Tarrant County Red! Thank you for reading and for all your support.


Tim O'Hare


Tarrant County Republican Party

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