Alert - SB4 Lawsuit Vote on Fort Worth City Council

Dear Tarrant County Republicans,

We have learned two members of the Fort Worth City Council have requested a public vote on whether or not the City of Fort Worth should join-in on the multi-city lawsuit against the state over Senate Bill 4 (the Sanctuary City Ban that is set to take effect this September) The presentation by the City Council is scheduled for tomorrow, Tuesday, August 15th.

With Austin, Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio already joining the lawsuit, Fort Worth is the last of Texas’ largest cities to take an official stance.

Read State Senator Konni Burton's statement on the Fort Worth City Council Vote on SB 4 Lawsuit.

Read State Representative Tony Tinderholt's statement below:

"It's disgraceful for elected officials to oppose the rule of law. We are a state and nation of laws and we must enforce all existing ones. We cannot pick and choose which laws to enforce and not enforce.

I highly encourage Tarrant County and the city of Fort Worth to stand up, do the right thing and enforce standing law. Tarrant County and Fort Worth should set the example for other cities and counties to follow."

Here’s how you can help:

1) Testify: Click Here to Testify This is the link to sign up ahead of time online to be a speaker. The city council agendas are posted on the Friday before the Tuesday meetings at 7:00pm. Tell others if they are nervous about speaking, go ahead and sign up to speak. When called upon you can say "The point of my speech against joining a lawsuit against the state of Texas has already been made by ______.

2) Attend Tuesdays session at City Hall (Agenda should be released this evening at 7p.m.)

3) Contact your City Council member via phone or email and encourage them to vote AGAINST joining the lawsuit.

Thanks for your hard work on this important issue.


Tim O’Hare


Tarrant County Republican Party

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