To help secure Tarrant County as a strong Republican County, the Tarrant County Republican Party has established The Chairman Circle. The Party uses this society to recognize those men and women who have demonstrated a tangible interest in supporting Tarrant County Republican Party activities and who have expressed a desire to become more closely associated with its purposes, plans, and programs.

Throughout its history, the Republican Party has been blessed with many friends who have realized that the development of a great Nation with conservative government at all levels depends on significant financial support.

Membership in The Chairman Circle is offered to Republicans who, in this tradition, are willing to make an unrestricted annual investment of two thousand, five hundred dollars ($2,500.00). This yearly contribution (January 1st, 2022 - December 31st, 2022) not only becomes a valuable resource to the Tarrant County Republican Party, but serves to inspire the local Party volunteers to greater effort.

The Chairman Circle will help raise funds for the Tarrant County Republican Party and help secure Tarrant County as a Republican stronghold!

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Benefits of Membership

The Tarrant County Republican Party wishes to honor and thank in various ways those who support its annual operations through membership in The Chairman Circle with the following benefits:


Private meetings and luncheons that will allow for closer and continuing relationships with key Republican elected officials and volunteer leadership.


Preferred seating for two to all Tarrant County Republican Party activities during the year, including the Grand Old Gala.


The satisfaction of knowing that your gifts help provide conservative, effective government for all Tarrant County citizens.


Chairman Circle Events Gallery 2022


Members of The Chairman Circle 2022

  • Mona and Vince Puente
  • Cheryl and John Bean
  • Mona and Bill Bailey
  • Christen and Tim O'Hare
  • Dan Tully
  • Sheila and Hon. Rick Barnes
  • Congressman Roger Williams  
  • Bill Brandt
  • Judge Megan Fahey
  • Elizabeth Kerr
  • Jill Tate
  • James Ashby
  • David Waldrep
  • Mike Wallach
  • Mike Prince
  • Shelly and John Ray
  • Judge Jennifer Rymell
  • Darl Easton
  • Hon. Tom Wilder
  • Trasa and Kyle Cobern
  • Erin and Ricky Rodriguez
  • Hon. Mary Louis Nicholson
  • Terry and Judge James Munford
  • Judge Ralph Swearingin 
  • George Fassett
  • Judge Andy Porter
  • Judge Brooke Allen
  • Matt Hayes
  • Valerie Jo and Richard Remley
  • Susan Wright
  • Katheryn and Judge Don Cosby
  • Ryan Neel
  • Laura Hill
  • Debra and Judge Daryl Coffey
  • Kathy and Mayor Armin Mizani
  • Lindsay and Tim Davis
  • Vandolyn Roszell
  • Terri and Judge Pat Gallagher
  • Jeremy Bradford
  • Cheryl Surber
  • Judge Chuck Vanover
  • Dustin Fillmore